A World Of DoctorShortcut

DoctorShortcut wants YOU to succeed faster
using the success shortcuts of those who do more,
masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
Those who succeed the most tend to know most about success.
Close your mouth and open your ears, which you have twice as many of,
presumably for the express purpose of using them twice as much... for success.
DoctorShortcut proposes to help you get very wealthy, and faster than you have until now...
The more you help the helpless, such as by clicking on FREE FOOD buttons,
the more the universe is going to help you to help yourself even more.
If you have not broken or shattered world records, who are you to say?
Those who do it the best prove it by showing the best and knowing best.
DoctorShortcut invites you into the Psychology of Shortcuts to build YOU.
We wish to save the world, and we know it is done one step at a time.
Tithing is not for good people; tithing is a minimum for the stingy.
Those who wish to take in great amounts need to give out greatly.
Silent giving is a smart, even a wise way to develop wealth.
As always, you need not believe DoctorShortcut, or the Psychology of Shortcuts.
All you need to do is silently give away as little as twenty-five cents, every single day.
Before twenty-two days have elapsed, you will have several or even many separate proofs.
Secrets of the Psychology of Shortcuts cannot fail: we can only fail to apply them repeatedly.

Help feed the starving of the world, even at no cost to you, and you WILL grow rich.

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Can there be a sweeter function or sweeter shortcut for the Psychology of Shortcuts ?
we know it is not possible to act without engaging equal and opposite effect, right?
Let's use Newton's Third Law of Physics for a most wonderful application:
saving lives of people who are dying from lack of food.

The Best Place To Start Winning - The Best Place To Glean Shortcuts

In hope of weeding out those who avoid the mutual part of mutuality,
shortcuts are hidden right in plain sight throughout the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Millions of unique pages of original content, on nearly one thousand web servers.
Not a credit card or shopping cart in site, exchanging millions for your credence.
A job of the Psychology of Shortcuts is to present you with universal shortcuts,
the one-conditionally guaranteed secrets of masters, millionaires, champions.
The half-share earned with these secrets is to be invested into the helpless.
A job of yours is to find these omnipotent master secrets of the universe.
The greater your urge to keep your part, the faster you will see them.
Those inclined to share will find PowerGems with far greater facility.
Never mind how the Psychology of Shortcuts knows this to be true.
You have the great good luck: Laboring Under Correct Knowledge,
to have apprehended the greatest master secrets of the universe.
Stop forming opinions about subjects you are inexperienced in.
You arrived here to find better ways than yours have proven.
Instead, imitate masters and champions and billionaires.
Before twenty-two days have elapsed, you will experience wisdom.
Every time you improve your use of a PowerGem by a mere one percent,
you assure that your results will also increase by at least one percent.
This master secret of the universe works appproximately every time.

First and foremost, today is the best place to start.
This is the time to engage your Psychology of Shortcuts.
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, where today is your gift,
which we know because we call it "the present."     Is a present not a gift?
In your case, it is the gift of 1,440 separate minutes per day.  Use them well.
Each of your minutes is an opportunity to embrace mediocrity or excellence.
If everything in your life is as you would have it, then why make changes?.
If your life is NOT running perfectly, only change in effort produces any change in results.
DoctorShortcut proved and still proves with people around the world that you can change your efforts.
Everyone seems to know just what to do; so few take the actions they know will produce benefit.

Well, now we shall see if you're full of hot air, or full of excellence.
These next few hours will tell us clearly who and what you are.
Decide what you want and state it out loud in 10 words or less.
Invest enough minutes in YOUR future to create the magic list:
the list of 100 people and organizations who can help you now.
YOU will PERSONALLY ask for their help and you will win.

Begin asking those on the list in this very day.
I promise you massive, MASSIVE results,
better and faster than ever before,
in these next thousand minutes.
There is no better shortcut,
no more powerful shortcut:
asking for what you want.

Within and without the Psychology of Shortcuts,
this is the one single most potent fact you will ever learn.
Asking more people more times each will always bring you more.
Prepare for the best twelve months of your life, exciting and beyond.
Since your way has not worked and because all of this is free for your life,
a shortcut each day accelerates your success. In 100 days, you tend to double.

Learn more so you can earn more, with the Psychology of Shortcuts.

Learn more in order to live more, with your Psychology of Shortcuts.
Designed with determination for your success, by the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

These are the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and provably YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.
Enjoy, and teach yourself here. The Psychology of Shortcuts is free for your life,
because more and more people believe that the Psychology of Shortcuts is the best place to start achieving more,
the best place to start winning more, based on the best shortcuts of those who achieve the most... repeatedly.

Do you know that your net worth instantly increases by a distinct portion
EVERY time you create a hand-written list of your top ten priorities?
You are so sure that you know so much, and that you know what works and what does not.
Logically, only the people who REPEATEDLY do it the best are the best sources of information.
DoctorShortcut had huge shoulders to stand upon for support in shattering so many world records.
The largest of those shoulders proves to be the secret of the intense power of that magical list of ten.
"What are the ten most important things I need to get done?" Lifetime, this year, this month or day.
DoctorShortcut promises you will be dazzled by your growing intelligence when you write them.
This works approximately one hundred percent of the time, and you are not the rare exception!

On as little as one sheet of paper, write the ten things you need to do in this lifetime.
Then, ten things you need to get done within one year of today, and again for the month.
The jackpot is when you write, each night, the ten priorities of your new tomorrow.
The benefits are too many to be listed for those unwilling to pursue excellence.
So, join the world of DoctorShortcut by making a few different "magic tens."

One list of ten for your life, one list of ten for this year, this month.
Then, dig your nearly-instant jackpot, it works about EVERY time.
No need to believe or disbelieve, only to prove or disprove.
Everything else is chatter, sophomoric prate and prattle.
This is the self-empowering way of DoctorShortcut.

What do you do with what you know? Do you break and shatter records?
It is the effort you make with nothing more than YOUR choice that counts.
Your effort to break your own records inevitably, repeatedly delivers results.
Rather than telling us, your next 1,000 minutes will show us louder than words.
Life becomes more exciting and adventurous when we provide good reason for it.
Your actions in these next 1,000 minutes or so, and the next, are as exciting as you.
Best of all, the universe ALWAYS conspires to help you when you focus on your goals. Goals       Goalsheet

Shortcuts.me       Shortcuts.work

The Psychology of Shortcuts

The largest body of work by a human being,
and the only one in human history with thousands of hand-crafted colors.
Many tens of thousands of digital art creations from one pair of prolific hands,
with endless agonizing over each hand-crafted color; many thousands of them.
The best way to pay for this is to use these shortcuts to thrive... then to give.

The only body of art in history with thousands of uniquely-crafted colors,
in hope of pleasing your eye & heart just enough to prod your greatness.

More of the Psychology of Shortcuts, empowering you to empower yourself.


Welcome to the Shortcuts and Foodboosters world of MisterShortcut,
where supercharging is applied to physical and other applications.

Engaging your greatest shortcuts pays off in many discrete ways.
First, identify those people doing it best among most or all humans.
Next, note steps, actions, thoughts, even attitudes of such role models.

Those features are the shortcuts whose embrace lifts you faster and faster.
Third, meticulously apply those shortcuts more times than you did last time ...
and find some way to get either 1% better, or at least 1% faster each time you do.

THESE continue to be the surest, fastest steps to greater success .... with greater shortcuts.

Stop waiting for the putatively perfect moment.     You're living in it, right here and now.

Both the Psychology of Shortcuts and the Psychology of Longevity,
with a thousand more DoctorShortcut and MisterShortcut websites,
exist to help you to help yourself, empowering you to empower yourself.
You are promised enormous, even unprecendented advances in health and wealth.
No other human has read a book or three per day for 15,000 days and beyond.
Living these shortcuts has been a privilege, and a thrill. It is now your turn.

You embark here and now on the greatest internal journey of a lifetime.
Prepare yourself for energy and excellence with potent secrets of life,
carefully decocted and eye-candied, uploaded and given to you by ...

The Psychology of Shortcuts on Empowerment and Self-Empowerment

Empowerment? Self-empowerment? These are personal decisions.
Whatever tools you seem to think you'll need before hitting YOUR high notes, you're mistaken.
Every tool you need is already in your possession, the tricks and shortcuts and wisdom of those who came first.
Inside every human, including you, there is a voice of guidance. From today, you're going to start listening more.
When people younger than you ask a question that your age entitles you to answer, you have all the answers.
The one single self-constructed obstacle dissolves in seconds when you see what's waiting for you.
The best years of your life are about to start. You've always wanted shortcuts. Here they are.

The most repeatedly effective shortcuts of masters and champions,
The Psychology of Shortcuts is delivered for your life,
by The Godfather of Shortcuts
The Psychology of Shortcuts is fantastically HUGE
IE users can tap any keyboard character to visit yet another gorgeous website from Mr-Shortcut

Use your Psychology of Shortcuts to help feed the world's starving people
YOU are making the difference
Corporate sponsors purchase 1.1 cups of staple food for starving people as a result of our free clicks.
When you click this food button and the one that pops open you save a human life... at no charge to you.
Hard to find a more noble effort within the Psychology of Shortcuts.   What goes around....
which makes this the best place to start achieving and winning... by giving, no charge to you.

The World Of DoctorShortcut

DoctorShortcut wants YOU to succeed faster
using the success shortcuts of those who do more,
masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
Those who succeed the most tend to know most about success.
Close your mouth and open your ears, which you have twice as many of,
presumably for the express purpose of using them twice as much... to succeeding.
DoctorShortcut proposes to help you get very wealth, and faster than you have until now...
The more you help the helpless, such as by clicking on FREE FOOD buttons,
the more the universe is going to help you to help yourself even more.
If you have not broken or shattered world records, who are you to say?
Those who do it the best prove it by showing the best and knowing best.
DoctorShortcut invites you into the Psychology of Shortcuts to live.

We seek to save the world, and we know it is done one step at a time.
Tithing is not for good people; tithing is a minimum for the stingy.
Those who wish to take in great amounts need to give out greatly.
Silent giving is a smart, even a wise way to develop wealth.
As always, you need not believe DoctorShortcut, or the Psychology of Shortcuts.
All you need to do is silently give away as little as twenty-five cents, every single day.
Before twenty-two days have elapsed, you will have several or even many separate proofs.
Secrets of the Psychology of Shortcuts cannot fail: we can only fail to apply them repeatedly.

DoctorShortcut this and that, DoctorShortcut will show you just what's what.
Keep DoctorShortcut under your hat, for under there will it work, better, in fact.
DoctorShortcut still alive, for all that, with the joy of life, running down to the mat.

A wonder or two of DoctorShortcut,
a keyword you have focused upon,
all for some DoctorShortcut,
join us all, come on in!
DoctorShortcut time.

Greatest Of The Greatest - Doing Best Means More Than Knowing Best

The Psychology of Longevity Urges You To Learn The Single Most Amazing Test Of Your Life: QRA

The Psychology of Longevity brings these QRA websites so that all human beings can learn QRA.
If you appreciate the gift of many people of genius who wish to help you help yourself, learn QRA testing.
You immediately develop a no-doubt-about-it increased control of your health and life, to use all your lifetime.
Nothing in any test you have ever known of can prepare you for the astonishing and permanent power of QRA.
If you are not too stupid, you can forever understand how to test EVERY food or item coming into or near you.
As elegant as QRA is, even young children can EASILY be trained to do QRA testing rapidly, and accurately.
The Psychology of Longevity avers that YOU, doing QRA at home, preclude need of many appointments.
A one-second bidigital test, an exponential expansion of Dr. Omura's GENIUS-like patented BDORT.
Everyone who can make an "0" with two fingers, anyone who can gently pull it apart as your resist,
has achieved fully half of what QRA testing is, bless Marshall & Forbes for THEIR flavor of genius.
Hold your ring finger and thumb in the shape of an "O" and resist as someone else gently pulls it apart.
When both of you see approximately how much strength

    Each website offers you a different coign of vantage. Millions of content-rich, unique and relevant pages for YOU.  
The Greatest Winners Route and Psychology of Longevity share millions of pages, more than you will read throughout your lifetime
If you are trained and inclined to respect the findings and opinions of world-class masters, you will surely want to learn about QRA.
Nothing in the experience of people with astronomical IQ's can compare to the accuracy and utility, day-to-day usefulness, of QRA.
If you get nothing else from these millions of pages from the Psychology of Longevity and beyond, at least learn QRA for yourself.
Who embraces the Psychology of Longevity embraces QRA

- Acronymically, QRA stands for Quantum Reflex Analysis, in the Psychology of Longevity list of Top 12 Innovations of the Century
- Psychology of Longevity on QRA, to help you to help yourself ENORMOUSLY, and rapidly, by teaching YOURSELF how to use Q-R-A
QRA.me - Who practices QRA says, "QRA me," to QRA practitioners, to identify exactly what's weak, and what nutrition will remediate the weakness
- Counting several hundred trained QRA practitioners, more QRA practitioners will be learning Dr. Cohen's QRA, with instant growth as QRA experts
Bidigitals.com - Practitioners of QRA in New York, NY and environs - The Psychology of Longevity way is Quantum Reflex Analysis. Learn all about QRA at www.QRANY.info

A cornerstone of both the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity invokes a powerful, useful reminder:
We cannot learn less about anything! Learning to do QRA testing is vitally useful to us all.

- Book QRA appointments with an expert QRA practitioner now. Learn what the Psychology of Longevity calls "body knowledge"-- QRA Practitioner
Bidigitally.com - Most all but the last health challenge has proven, safer answers. The Psychology of Longevity recommends QRA practitioners. Save your own life
- The best doctors in the world surely are QRA Practitioners - Safer, natural, healthier, QRA is the hands-down winner

- You can call from anywhere in the U.S.A. to talk with the nation's greatest, most advanced of QRA practitioners, trained in Texas
Credit to all QRA practitioners who remain focused on kai-sen - unceasing improvement, David Cohen proved the best of all QRA practitioners
As noted with relation to QRA-Austin.info, and the birth of QRA,
The Psychology of Longevity cites Texas for hosting & fostering Marshall & Forbes, innovators of QRA - spreading from Texas to New England

Of all that you may learn in the way of health and wealth, Quantum Reflex is surely among the most brilliantly useful to your health and longevity

The game-changer of game-changers because you can use Quantum Reflex Analysis to measure the strength of food and plenty much more

Gather ever-growing levels of information on the near-magical skillset you RAPDILY build when using quantum reflex analysis techniques of measurement
Every organ and gland in your body has a specific, identified electrical point.
You can easily, instantly assay the strength of each with quantum reflex. Learn more!

Online or offline, the Psychology of Longevity URGES you to learn how to perform reflex analysis on your loved ones, food, etc

You can also learn how to do QRA remotely, with exquisite accuracy, with QRA training and a QVial of supercharged minerals

Training for QRA testing is quite easy. Most humans who attend QRA training generally learn in QRA in one lesson.

As you practice QRA testing with your family and friends, you will be training THEM in QRA, to use for life.
Considering all of the foolish training we undergo in life, QRA training to do QRA testing, is for YOUR best.
A one-second energy test that assays how much beneficial energy is in something, and whether it will deliver benefit to you.

Good health is not accidental. With QRA Training, and QCI (or more-powerful QVial) of supercharged minerals, use QRA for the rest of your life!
Everything great in life has a "catch." The catch to QRA is that the person doing the testing must be strong at GV20.
Also easy to test in a single second, testing strong at GV20 assures consistent, reliable accuracy in QRA testing.
GV20 is located at the highest point on the head, lined up with the top of the ears. Easy, simple, accurate.
20 to 30 seconds of PRL's QCI, or 1/10th of a second of MisterShortcut's QVials, and all points temporarily strengthen.

So, why does the Psychology of Longevity give such inordinate respect to expert QRA practitioners?

It's because QRA practitioners have training & testing that favor accuracy more than allopathic methods

Of all Psychology of Longevity subjects you may engage, always prioritize QRA: it's the most accurate.
There is nothing like it for instantly testing weakness and strength, in yourself, and far more.
Whether you join the ranks of America's premier expert QRA practitioners, Level III, etc.,
(you should know that not all expert QRA practitioners are Texas-trained, learning solo),
or just simply learn to use the one-second bigidital test brilliantly taught by Dr. Omura,
be sure you understand that QRA is among the five most powerful tools of your life.
The Psychology of Longevity urges you to try at least one expert QRA practitioner.
Your life will never be the same, with benefits that will delight and please you.
This is not about the QRA practitioners, however expert each may prove to be.
The Psychology of Longevity urges you past consults with QRA practitioners,
by learning to be at least a home-spun version of expert QRA practitioners.

This QRA promulgation for the Psychology of Longevity, and Shapetalk, EyeCandy, etc.,
and all the thousands of MisterShortcut health and wealth websites, and shortcuts,
is brought to you by the Psychology of Longevity and the Greatest Winners Route

You must improve your efforts in order to improve your results!

We do not quit, at anything, because we failed. We fail as soon as we choose to quit.
One closing thought about a matter of great import to the Psychology of Shortcuts:
You already know that what goes around comes around, as in “What goes up…”
Clickthrough to TheHungerSite, once for each day you get to live and breathe.
When you save dozens & then hundreds of lives, luck tends to transmogrify.
All that we do comes back to us over and again, good, bad, or indifferent.
Delight in how profoundly, how repeatedly your life is rapidly enriched.
You need not believe the Psychology of Shortcuts or any one human.
The best way to confirm or deny a fact is to replicate it, repeatedly.
Click through to TheHungerSite and related HELPING websites.
AnimalRescue and RainForest, ChildHealth, or LiteracySite.
Enjoy for yourself the sweet fruits of imitating champions.

Erasing Starvation, Easing Hunger With Psychology of Shortcuts

If you recognize that the earth's residents are not treating each other particularly well,
then you possess sufficient awareness of your surroundings to make a huge difference.
Selfish benefit is your best reason for helping the helpless.
If you think that you can save lives every day for thousands of days, or even hundreds of days...
without having the universe generously repaying you, then you still don't know Newton's Law.

How sweet it is: Reduce starvation, and more, with FREE CLICKS. Sponsors pay for each click - Wow!
What goes up, must come down, what goes around comes around. Help the helpless, to see the action.
When you save lives, you can be ENTIRELY confident that the universe will repay you, & generously.

Hunger and Poverty:
Let's end starvation
Live the Psychology of Longevity
Help others to live stronger longer
BE Your Psychology of Shortcuts
Giving Means Getting

Feed Hungry in Brazil

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Feed Veterans With A Click! -- Now!

Hungry Children (PAGE DOWN once)

Polish Hunger Site (Click the tummy)

TheHungerSite - one click, one life saved

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Seeds for Africa (Quiz)

Donate Rice (Click Answers)

Donate 7 Days of Water

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Help Plant a Tree and help save the world

The Child Health Site

Kid's Hospital In Mexico - Click button on left

Childrens Health (Japanese)

Help Prevent Teen Suicide

Give Free Books Literacy Site

Listen to Donate to Charity

New York Charities

Charities Japan

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Watch a Video $1 goes to Village

Animal Rescue Site

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Help Animals (Left Pics)

Animal Blankets

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Meals for Dogs

Shelter Dogs Poland

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Help Dogs - (clicanimaux.com)

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Donate Cat Food

Feed a Big Cat

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www.accse.net - (Spanish Language)

donarsindesembolsar.net - Spanish - Wow! Serious bucks for clicks - Major!

As with every act of anonymous kindness you commit, YOU win.
As we all do, you will experience some of your life’s greatest feelings.
It's quite a feeling when you realize you have saved hundreds of lives.
You are smart enough to know that Newton's Law works consistently.
What goes up, comes down: what goes around comes around.
Join with the Psychology of Shortcuts, solving problems,
one at a time, with the best and greatest shortcuts,
universal shortcuts sweetly called “PowerGems.”

Total Winning With Universal Shortcuts - There's YOUR Ticket

MisterShortcut is pleased to present you with universal shortcuts for total winning.
When we imitate actions and attitudes of those repeatedly doing best, we tend to imitate their results.
Shapetalk and Shapetalking to Shapetalks and Shapelinks.com, all to help you reach YOUR ultimate score.


Another of the master success secrets that work for you is awareness of time.
This one master shortcut gives back to you uncountable thousands of minutes!
No, no, not per lifetime, rather, each year of your life, to live far more:

Stop Majoring In Minors!! - They cost TOO MUCH!
Trading back even one of every ten pettily-spent minutes:
This is another master secret of the universe for YOU.
With too many minutes each month in "small talk,"
recognize that the cost is a great theft in your life:
It adds up to 100,000 or more frittered minutes.
It may seem minor now, as we are all guilty.
Yet, know that near the end of your lifetime,
you will miss those 100,000 minutes, hm?
You can trim the amount of your chit-chat,
to reap more power from YOUR minutes.
You WILL reap more from your own brain,
for wisdom holds more when we show it ...
than when merely spoken of by our elders, true?
You surely CAN take back at least one in 5 minutes?
Not ALL petty minutes, just one in every 5 or 10 of them.

The only opinions we reap benefits from are opinions of those who are doing it better.
"Who does it best, who shows it best, proves they also know it best; WORTH IMITATING.

The Shortcuts Work Attitude is the ultimate in self-empowerment, from your Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are proven shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the known shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and likely YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding. It is why the Shortcuts Work Attitude is here for your life.

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Excellence has never been known to be caused or accomplished by accident. Win on purpose!
Identify a deadline, because that transmogrifies a dream into a goal: A basic deadline.

Divide your goal into 8 or 89 or 233 pieces: Little bites are more digestible, true?
Identify the humans and organizations in a position to help you achieve your goal.
Before you estimate a truly substantial likelihood of attaining this prime goal,
remember we must always have a strong enough WHY to find the HOW

Proposed MetaTags, supporting the asseveration that Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC,
possibly the greatest QRA practitioner of all time, wizard of Brooklyn,
will long be considered, if not the single greatest naturopathic doctor of all time,
certainly AMONG the greatest naturopaths. From QRA to Ondamed, et alia,
Dr. Cohen uses the greatest technologies to attain the greatest results.
THOUSANDS of patients from a dozen countries (and growing) say so,
when they return a year or three later for an entirely different issue,
or when they send a friend, or loved one, to consult the great man
Greatest this, sure, and greatest that, we all talk about "greatest."
In Dr. Cohen's case, "greatest" almost seems an understatement.

MisterShortcut chose to continue developing and maintaining Dr. Cohen's websites simply because,
after 571 weeks of being listed at the top of google's listings for "Greatest Doctor On Earth,"
the innovations developed in Dr. Cohen's clinics continue, years later, to prove to be
the most effective naturopathic methods for helping people to help themselves.

Less talking, and more doing, because natural approaches PROVE to be safer,
PROVE to be more effective. Not for nothing, living well is the best revenge.

Otto Warburg was nominated for Nobel Prize in Medicine ... forty-three times!
When he was finally awarded the Nobel - for explaining cancer to the world -
he had already pubicly declared, and repeatedly, YOUR greatest secret:
"No disease known to humankind can survive an alkaline environment."

So the first question here is this:
- "To all the naysayers who seek to refute this, and offer reasons for it,
may we see a few - not all, just a few - of YOUR Nobel nominations?"

That's a polite way to say, "PLEASE SHUT UP. SMARTER PEOPLE ARE TALKING!"

Who shows it best, proves they know it best.
Can YOU run up the stairs faster than most adults,
even into your seventh decade, with head full of dark hair?

Keep your body alkaline.
The only one of more than 1,500 types of calcium that actually gets into bone,
and replenishes our soft-tissue reserve of minerals ... is LIVE-source calcium!
The only live source Dr. Cohen or DoctorShortcut ever heard of is coral calcium
A pinch of coral calcium, even up to 1/4 or 1/2 of a teaspoon, in lemon water? Wow.
Buy a cheap roll of pH paper. Pass a tiny piece through first morning urine stream.
Instantly see if it's green or yellow. Yellow is acidic, which every disease requires.
Dark green means alkaline. That literally means electrical power of your cells is high.
Maintaining alkalinity is easier than 80 or 90% of all the tasks you master in life.
Good luck finding any daily factor more influential. Keep it green, keep younger.


Title - MisterShortcut | - Helping Yourself Naturally - Self-Help - Heal Naturally With greatest of the greatest approaches

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In pursuit of being YOUR greatest source of QRA information,
from QRA testing and QRA training to consulting QRA practitioners,
the Psychology of Longevity presents even more QRA websites for learning.

Whether your book your QRA appointments with QRA practitioners, or self-trained QRA person,
or whether you go to Austin, Texas, to PRL, to obtain QRA training for you and perhaps your family,
there is no test on earth more informing of our health and longevity than the easy one-second QRA test.

Learn more so you can live more, because the more we learn, the better our decisions tend and prove to be.

- With advanced technologies, QRA appointments are now available anywhere in the world.
Some QRA practitioners use Bodyscan2010 or QXCI to test, then QRA to prove.
Others use QRA after testing with SpectraVision or other good bioscanners.
You can form all the opinions you want: They utterly worthless prior to proof.
New Jersey or New York, NY, Austin, Texas, or Maryland, NH, California, or nationally,
QRA testing is available for YOU ,,, wherever you happen to be, from Washington or Manhattan, Kansas, or Pennsylvania...
and across the nation... because QRA works, and it astounds everyone who does it.!

Bidigitals.com - QRA in New York via David Cohen, Psychology of Longevity naturopath, Level III QRA practitioner, helped thousands of people
Bidigitally.com Becoming bidigitally skilled is easily counted among the most rewarding experiences of all your life
QRA.me - In sum, QRA testing has astounded 100% of the many thousands we've tested. Do QRA, and see WHY.

- Can you learn too much about quantum reflex analysis? QRA proves to be the most accurate test you will ever learn

Dr. David Cohen & MisterShortcut developed this putative Psychology of Longevity
for you to help you to help yourself.. then those you love, then the helpless.

Newton's 3rd law of physics is still solid, centuries after he shared it. Are you smarter than Newton?
What goes around comes around: Equal and opposite reaction, hm? Giving more accelerates getting more.

For the greatest health, how about the greatest restraint in diet? How about greatest attitudes that promote heart health?
To be the greatest of the great within the universe of you, you must agree to learn more, so you can learn to live more.

An entire medical degree, and all the education that comes with it,
is not even a speck on the face of what you learn in THIS minute:

EVERYTHING you eat either inflames or alkalizes the body. There is no such thing as neutral food.
Inflammation increases speed of aging. EVERYTHING you eat or drink causes benefit or damage.
Air, water, never-heated oil, fiber, good bacterial: These are the superfoods of life.
Yes, there are other superfoods, ie: spirulina or chyawanprash; Asparagus comes close.
Yet, it's MORE air, water, oil, minerals, bulk, and probiotics that keeps us this young.
All these horrific injuries, yet, still running up the stairs in seventh decade? Whuuut?!
What makes MisterShortcut smarter than you: He shuts up when someone smarter is talking.

Ha! Such an easily and rapidly-bridged CANYON between the two approaches:

Where you go quiet only to await your turn to put your two funny cents in,
students of the Psychology of Shortcuts go quiet in order to listen more.

The most bottom line of bottom lines: "If you knew better, you'd do better."
Until then, doesn't it make more sense to use the greatest shortcut of all time?
OTHER than making the personal choice to have billionaire parents, heh heh heh,
the greatest success secret, the greatest success shortcut of all time sustains:
"Imitate whoever's REPEATEDLY doing it better than you."

When called out by an intern on how often MisterShortcut dominates conversations,
"Most spectacular about that fact: In any room of people where I am silent,
get out your pen & paper, because it means someone smarter than both of us is talking.
I am silent in those times because I cannot speak and learn at the same time, can I?
Much as I love the sound of my own voice, learning new things is far sweeter."

All to say, rough as it may sound, great truths never change:
"The only opinion worth learning from is the opinion of those repeatedly doing it better."

The greatest of the great do not get to be the greatest by accident.

The greatest of the great do not get to be the greatest by accident.
In itself, you have here a magnificently self-empowering secret of success.
Not the blah-blah-blah-just-get-your-money kind of success secret,
A) The Psychology of Shortcuts is forever free. It is already within you, mostly ignored.
B) These are the greatest shortcuts of all time. Nothing comes close, plus rapid proof.

Take money, for example. You expect that anyone purporting to be DoctorShortcut knows it.
Truth, or not truth?

DoctorShortcut reminds you of the one greatest super-successful (and apparently super-secret)
shortcut of all shortcuts when it comes to money:

A) Choose to have billionaire parents


B) "Ask more people more times each"
That one super-powered, megacharged mentalism and regulata-level shortcut
works more times, and more often, than any other secret you now know. No?

Look at all "legitimate" billionaires. They asked more people more times each.
It does not matter how fantastic your inventions are: It's how many people know.

Not one in 100,000 living humans in 2022 knows about megaphotons,
forever-free anti-radiation images with Schumann waves embedded.

Along with 186 other frequencies literally embedded into the pixels of megaphotons,
those Schumann waves literally reverse radiation. Instant proof, natch, via QRA.
Once again, the one-second QRA test reveals even more than an EMF meter. Whoah.

Low-tech, high-tech, no-tech: All of them show what Megaphotons images do.

Until the head-injury that killed Dr. Cohen, and subsequent retirement of DoctorShortcut,
there was neither need or wish to advertise or scream out news of all their devices.
Dr. Cohen equipped and trained DoctorShortcut in service of Dr. Cohen's patients.
Thousands of them walked out the door with QVials, Torroids, Megabeams lasers.
Some 2.23 million dollars donated to humanity without them even knowing it!

Those who paid, for example, $55 for a QVial, and went home with 2 or 3,
never had a clue that the minerals in QVials, Foodboosters, Brainlifters,
along with EnergyVials, Bathboosters, and AnimalZappers, cost $8,600 per lb.
Dr. Cohen went from having barely a dozen patients per month, to dozens per day.
At least 90%, probably more, always went right back into patients and other charity.
Neither Dr. Cohen nor MisterShortcut, or even office staff such as Annette and Nikki,
ever solicited or accepted profits. Giving simply brought more joy than collecting/hoarding.

Someone said there's no such thing as a good billionaire.
Obviously, it means that billionairehood can only come through predatory conduct.
What makes more sense to anyone with, well, Psychology of Shortcuts sensibilities,
is that having thousands of millions is an opportunity to outserve most of humanity.
Talk about easy formulas! "The more you give, the more you get." An experiment was born.

After trying it a few times, and getting one's jollies, if permitted vernacular phrasing,
it was partly emotional, and partly application of logic, that led to the repetition.
Clicking on FREE FOOD buttons such as those on all Psychology of Shortcuts websites,
what a feeling, knowing that a pair of free clicks just saved human or animal life,
directly saving a life thanks to sponsors who pay for food in thanks of your clicks.

Being DoctorShortcut, it also made sense to find all the different websites with such clicks.
By the time a dozen and more had been found, the secret was gleaned: Use multiple computers.
By having additional IP's and re-arranging more computers to be within arm's reach, more clicks.
By the time Windows 10 had come out, it only took minutes to rack up hundreds of clicks every day!
All these years later, 23 years of clicking daily, have only missed two days in those 8,000+ days.
So, you're asked if you believe you are biomechanically - or otherwise - capable of such joy?
Yes, we all remember the difference of giving a man a fish versus teaching him how to fish.
They're free clicks, and the sponsors of those clicks earned our respect and patronage.
Some people talk more, and rarely do as much as they talk, hm? Others walk the talk.
Those who give silently are holier than the rest of us. We want some credit, ey?

Learn most from the greatest results,
whether your results, or of others....
imitating only the greatest of the greatest
in whatever field of effort you may focus your mind upon.

Nothing succeeds OR TEACHES like success. Who shows.... knows.
The proof is in their repeated outperformance.

While most of us naturally figure it's about outperforming everyone else,
the real secret, the dmeeep portion of this success secret, is otherwise:

"Every time I compete, I am striving to beat my last performance,
with limited relation to any other competitor in this moment."

Grab this! Keep it for yourself. Use it today, see better results today!
These shortcuts DO bring a string of benefits in accumulation, and yet, and yet,
you're not asked to believe it also brings rapid benefits, you're asked to disprove it.

Is that not the one true purpose of an experiment?
If you believe something so much that you don't need proof,
it does not occur to you to think of conducting experiments.
The purpose of an experiment is to get proof,
although not the proof you likely think, lol.

"The purpose of an experiment is to irrefutably disprove a proposition.
Only when you fail to disprove it can the proposition be called solid."

Wow. Whether or not you knew that, count this as a reminder:
"The purpose of an experiment is to irrefutably disprove a proposition.
Only when you fail to disprove it is that proposition validated."

Ergo, learn more to live more.
No comma there because it has several meanings.
Since you cannot learn about anything, learn more ... on purpose!

Practice the one-second QRA test a dozen times. Use Megaphotons.
Get more air, water, oil, minerals, bulk, and probiotics.
PURPOSEFULLY get more laughter and hugs as and when you can.

THEN give us your opinions on the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity.
Until you show better than those who repeatedy outperform all the rest of us,
less talking, please, and more doing. Imitate whoever you most admire. Today!

With thousands of successes with medically-defined "late-stage cases,"
where medical doctors effectively gave up on patients, or vice-versa,
Dr. Cohen succeeded, and, much as he loved people crediting him for it,
he routinely laughed and said, "You miss the point: I only helped them to help themselves."

Dr. Cohen understood that no medicine or "specialist" or device can heal you:

Your body already has huge capacity to produce painkillers or relaxants, etc., etc.
Aspirin never got rid of pain. Aspirin instructs the body to produce more painkillers.
Marijuana does not make you feel high; it tells your body to produce more natural chemicals,
related to dopamine and oxytocin, and a host of other "happifaction" chemicals you produce internally...

Thus, it was not the frequencies Dr. Cohen embedded into people, in modern-day use of Rife's technique.
Even the frequencies embedded into Megaphotons, QVials, Torroids, Foodboosters, Brainlifters, Bathboosters, et al,
are not directly responsible for the immediately measurable, physical different in the performance of your body & system.

No, those frequencies simply give the body very basic, bioelectric stimulants to our natural functions.

Learn more, that you might live more


The Psychology of Longevity asseverates that the greatest doctor in Brooklyn, New York (NY),
which would almost automatically make him the greatest doctor of all in New York State,
and quite likely the greatest doctor in America, aka greatest doctor in the United States,
and, maybe, not inconceivably, the greatest doctor of the greatest doctors of all time,
is none other than the man who has already proven to be the greatest QRA-man,
(being the fastest and most accurate QRA practitioners of all QRA practitioners),
David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, called the greatest by those consulting him.

QRA is the game-changer we have waited for.
Now, learn this test, and use it on your food, etc.
Once learned, it is a powerful tool for your lifetime.
With practice, use it to test your whole body, as well.
Plus, test all vastu so that you can also remediate that.
Kids can quickly learn QRA, which means YOU can, too.
QRA practitioners teach you QRA basics in about a minute.
Even if you opt not to learn, QRA practitioners can still help.
From recent health issues to long-running or chronic problems,
not least of which are those that have not responded to allopathy,
get an entirely new outlook when your information is accurate, as with QRA.
There's no guessing, with QRA you get instant evidence right in front of your eyes.
The Psychology of Longevity asseverates that QRA is as close to perfect as any other test.
One medical doctor with QRA serves more than 1,000 who are using invasive approaches.
Prescription drugs are not designed to heal, they are designed only to suppress symptoms.
Your habit of forming opinions before you do/know much is your big stumbling block.
Learn more, even two or three new facts per day, and your mastery develops.
If you cannot get to a QRA practitioner, which would be a decided shame,
read and re-read these QRA mini-lessons throughout the QRA websites.
Get someone to practice with, and, nearly immediately, that's it,
you will be able to test food, buildings, people, and more,
plus, you can use QRA testing for the rest of your life.
Clearly, the Psychology of Longevity loves you.

Bidigital O-Ring via Psychology of Longevity

Psychology of Longevity Quantum Reflex AnalysisPsychology of Longevity Quantum Reflex Analysis Three

Psychology of Longevity Quantum Reflex Analysis Four

Psychology of Longevity Quantum Reflex Analysis Five

QRA is VERY easy to learn, even if you have no QRA practitioner close by to show you.

Make a circle with your thumb and one of your other fingers,
and firmly resist as someone gently pulls your "o-ring" apart,
not as a contest of strength between a pair of adversaries,
just to see where your "zero point" is in the o-ring,
(QRA practitioners refer to it as your "baseline" strength)
how much it takes to just barely open your O-ring. That's it.
Now, you can henceforth observe strength and weakness levels..

Now, holding the food you want to test in a pinching grip with two fingertips and thumb of your other hand,
gently tap what you are testing several times against the table or wall, imitating stress that digestion causes.

Test anything you are considering swallowing, from energy drink to sprout of broccoli, ad infinitum.
(Without banging it just tap the food against the table, holding it in a pinch, with 2 fingers & 1 thumb).

Pinch the energy drink or apple or whatever, stress it by banging it gently, 4 or 5x, against the table or wall.
Hold it away from your body at arm's length, and the other person re-tests your 0-ring. THAT'S IT (for food).
If your fingers are easily pulled apart, there is low energy in the food or drink, it will give you very little.
If it is difficult for the tester to pull your fingers open, there is good energy in the item being tested.

Remember now, that this QRA test is testing the energy of the item, NOT how the item will affect you.

Now you know how to use B-DORT, or QRA, or the O-ring test, or whatever it is best known as, relating to food.
QRA as per Marshall and Forbes can give you MANY more levels of information. For now, let us stick with food tests.
The Psychology of Longevity asserts that use of this test will be among the five or ten most influential decisions of your life.
The Psychology of Longevity asseverates that how well and even how long we live, is directly influenced by this one-second test.

If the energy drink is healthy, non-toxic, the energy drink will test strong.
If the drink is energetically weak, the energy drink will test weaker.

Now, to find out if that energy drink will weaken or strengthen you personally,
test your O-ring first, hold the bottle against your chest or throat, and test again.

If the greens drink tests strong, that greens drink is going to strengthen you.
If the energy drink tests weak, it will not deliver energy to you. Test and see.

The "catch" is that the tester can make errors if their GV20 point is weak.
Fix it with 30 seconds of QCI, or .02 seconds using the supercharged QVIAL.
(If that seems at all confusing, QVial requires no more than a fiftieth of a second).
Any living matter, organ, gland, tissue, ALWAYS tests stronger after 1/50th of a second.
Non-living or formerly alive matter can take as many as 3 to 5 seconds of QVial to test stronger.

The QRA test is magnificent, and works on food, people, shoes, cars, EVERYTHING.
Telephones, cars, buildings, shoes, pillows, eyeglasses, trains, ships, clothing, et alia.
Every single item you ever
Do not underestimate the power of vastu. If you do not know about vastu, learn!!!
It is the oldest science known to and practiced by Mankind. Make use of its secrets.

Everyone who gets to witness even one demonstrative minute with a skilled QRA practitioner gets the shock of a lifetime.
EVERYTHING comes down to energy, and how naturopathic approaches, including bio-energetics, and QRA testing, help.

Medical doctors are wonderful (and best) for acute care, involving medical emergencies. This is what they train for.
With respect to sickness and nutrition, the Psychology of Longevity cannot conceive of consulting a medical doctor!
Medical doctors do not receive even a single day of training in healing, or in nutrition, or use of food as medicine.
Not one day. Not one day, not one day, and anyone trying to tell you otherwise has a new curriculum, or is lying.
The standard of proof of the Psychology of Longevity is that it must be replicable, anyone should be able to do it.
QRA testing fits this category with an exquisite accuracy that virtually makes your hair stand right up on its ends.
Have someone test your O-ring for a baseline, then point your first two fingers at any building anywhere on earth.
Test the O-ring again. Notice that, if it is a building owned or occupied by someone who is prosperous, strong, right?
It even works on the internet! Go ahead, point to any home owned by any of the dozen richest people on earth. Strong.
Now, still at google earth, or its modern equivalent, look at a photo of any slum on earth, no way your fingers stay together.
QRA testing is the most powerful, most revealing, and, provably, most accurate test of energy that humanity has found, as yet.
You want to get smarter? You wish to make your life a better place, inhabited by more of your better and best life decisions?
The Psychology of Longevity suggests, with no small vigor of discourse, that QRA testing is among your best tickets to that.
Press your first two fingertips against your car, having someone test your O-ring before and after you touch it firmly.
Now, briefly wave the Psychology of Longevity supercharged laser (world's first supercharged cold laser), and test.
Every time, the car will test stronger. It works with the walls in your home, against electrical radiation all over,
it works with train stations and refrigerators, gas and electric stoves and everything else it has been tested on.
So far, no exceptions whatsoever: Anything "painted" by the supercharged laser or touched by QVial tests stronger.
The more you know, the better and smarter your decisions tend to be, so, the Psychology of Longevity shares wisdom,
the wisdom being practiced by those who repeatedly outperform the rest of us, who prove it by doing it best, repeatedly.
Even if you never possess a QVial or a supercharged laser from you can still do QRA testing.
If you test your O-ring before and after holding your glasses against your chest, and QRA shows you weaker WITH glasses,
why would you continue wearing something that is obviously, provably weakening you, when you can easily remediate it?
Just briefly "paint" the eyeglasses with the laser, and that's it. It works with your shoes, and, quite literally, everything else.

Identify your strongest and weakest organs, glands, tissues, and many bodily functions, also, with clear accuracy.

Transparent, repeatable proof - BDORT, also known as QRA, ONE-SECOND BIDIGITAL TEST,
instantly proves to be more accurate than anything else the Psychology of Longevity has ever encountered.

You touch one point, and test it, not kinesiologically, just as a function of your body's built-in energetic "electric system."
Adding to the swarm of thoughts swirling through the brightest of minds is comprehension of how easy it to learn to do QRA.
This is a non-invasive one-second test that permanently changes the lives of every alert person who learns how to do QRA.

You can test houses and food and clothing and beds and cars, and, apparently, everything you propose to put in or near you.
You can choose to energetically remediate what is weak, or simply elect to avoid ingesting or getting yourself too near to it.

Astronauts, drivers, schoolteachers, dentists, professors, surgeons, it matters not who you are or what you think you know.

One visit with one skilled, trained QRA practitioner, and your medical-health-related intelligence immediately expands.
What we do not comprehend, we tend to reject out of hand. This is among the largest mistakes we humans often make.

DoctorShortcut.com welcomes you to the concept of YOU being your own Shortcut Doctor.

For starters, who can be a better, more efficient doctor for you... than yourself?
Secondly, M.D.'s and hospitals are responsible for 1,000,000-plus annual deaths.
That's not an opinion, it's an accurate assessment of annual iatrogenic deaths.
Learn more in order to live more, living stronger for longer, N A T U R A L L Y.

DoctorShortcut is no more and no less than a representation of your potential.
Become our own best doctor, using the best, most powerful natural shortcuts.
Air, water, never-heated oil, greens (& other colors), minerals, probiotics, laughter.
These are the seven superfoods that most promote healthful longevity for human beings.
Please stop pretending to know more than the people who outperform the rest of humanity:
masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, and those living stronger for longer.

These are the people who can lay licit claim to their own title of "Doctor Shortcut." Join them.